Frequently Asked Questions

What are the team fees?

1st Child - $154

2nd Child - $122

3rd + Child - $101

*Includes all team fees and taxes

When do practices start?

Night Practices begin Mid-May and Morning practices begin the first week of June.

What are the practice times?

Currently, our practice times are:

Gold Group - 8:00 am - 9:15 am M, T,  W, F

Blue Group - 9:15 am - 10:15 am M, T, W, F

Green Group - 10:15 am -11:00 am M, T, W, F 

White Group - 11:00 am - 11:30 am M, T, W, F

Thursdays AFTER MEETS are "Fun Days".  Team members can have a free swim, play games, etc. from 9-10:30am.  There's also donuts!

What practice group will my swimmer be in?

Evening practices are generally split up based on age.

Morning practices are split up based on ability level.

When will I know the practice group?

We will send out practices groups for night practices shortly after sign-ups.

We will send out practice groups for morning practices the weekend before the first week of June.

What if I have to miss practice?

It's fine!  We know summer has lots of things in store!

What is the weather policy?

Practices will run as scheduled - even if it is raining.  Should there be thunder or lightning, we are required to clear the pool deck for 30 minutes from the last strike.  We will communicate cancellations through the REMIND app.

How do meets work?

Our Wednesday night Dual Meets are age-grouped.

The events we swim are:

Swimmers are allowed to swim 4 of the 5 possible individual events. Relays do not count against this total.

What is the order of events?

Event #             Age                               Event #

1                         8 & U           Mixed 100m Medley Relay

2                       10 & U           Mixed 100m Medley Relay

3                      11 – 13          Mixed 200m Medley Relay

4                     14 – 18           Mixed 200m Medley Relay

Boys                                                                                                     Girls

5                       6 & U                            25m Freestyle               6

7                       7 – 8                             25m Freestyle               8

9                     9 – 10                            25m Freestyle             10

11                11 – 12                          50m Freestyle              12

13               13 – 14                          50m Freestyle               14

15               15 – 18                          50m Freestyle              16

17                 6 & U                          25m Backstroke            18

19                 7 – 8                           25m Backstroke            20

21               9 – 10                          25m Backstroke            22

23             11 – 12                         50m Backstroke            24

25             13 – 14                        50m Backstroke             26

27            15 – 18                        50m Backstroke             28

29              8 & U                     Mixed Freestyle Relay

30            10 & U                    Mixed Freestyle Relay

31              8 & U                             25m Butterfly               32

33            9 – 10                             25m Butterfly               34

35          11 – 12                           50m Butterfly                36

37         13 – 14                            50m Butterfly                38

39         15 – 18                           50m Butterfly                 40

41           8 & U                          25m Breaststroke           42

43         9 – 10                          25m Breaststroke           44

45        11 – 12                        50m Breaststroke           46

47        13 – 14                        50m Breaststroke           48

49        15 – 18                       50m Breaststroke            50

51       10 & U                                100m IM                          52

53       11 – 12                              100m IM                          54

55       13 – 14                              100m IM                          56

57       15 – 18                              100m IM                          58

59       11 – 13               Mixed 200m Freestyle Relay

60      14 – 18               Mixed 200m Freestyle Relay

When is the first swim meet?

Swim Meets are on Wednesday nights, they begin the first week of June and conclude the second Wednesday in July.

What times are meets?

Dual Meets begin the first Wednesday in June and continue until the second Wednesday in July.

Home Meets

Away Meets

How do I sign up for a meet?

Each week, we will send out a Google Form that you must fill out to sign up for the meet.

We ask EVERYONE to fill out the form - whether you are swimming in the meet or not. 

What if I cannot attend a meet?

We understand things happen and summer has lot of events going on.   Should you not be able to attend a meet.  Fill out the Google Form for that week and mark "No" for all of the events.

Don't miss Conference though!  Seriously...

How do I know what my swimmer is swimming in a meet?

For Home meets:

You will be emailed a "HEAT SHEET" that will list all of the event and heats in chronological order.  You can find your swimmer's name and corresponding event #, heat # and lane #.

You can also use an app called "MEET MOBILE"  (this app costs $$).  This app will also display the same information.  Additionally, you will be able to see PRELIMINARY results, and possibly team scores.

For Away Meets:

You will either be emailed the "HEAT SHEET" ahead of time, or one will be available for purchase at the meet.  

How do I know what time my swimmer will swim?

The "HEAT SHEET" is listed chronologically.  Although we try to stay on schedule, things happen that slow down meets.  You can use the times provided on the heat sheet and the ORDER OF EVENTS to estimate what time the event will take place, based on the start time of 6:00pm.

What do I bring to meets?

Swimmers should bring:

Parents should bring:

How does the Conference Championship Meet Work?

The MOWSC Conference Championship Meet is held during the second weekend in July.

Everyone on the team can swim in the Conference Meet, provided they have swam in 2 meets and 4 events. (6 & Unders DO NOT have to follow the 2/4 rule.)

Like our Dual Meets on Wednesdays, Conference is age-grouped: 6 & Under, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15 & Up.

Conference is a two-day meet.  On day 1, everyone swims their events.  On day 2, the top 18 swimmers from day 1 in each event will return and swim those events again.  Relays will also be swum on day 2.

Do I have to qualify for the Conference Championship Meet?

NO!  Conference is just our big meet at the end of the season.  WE EXPECT YOU TO BE THERE.  It is part of the commitment to being on the team!  We actually host this meet every three years!

When is the Conference Championship Meet?

Conference is the second weekend in July.

How do I volunteer?

Our volunteer coordinator will send out sign- ups for meets.  There will be a separate sign up for Conference.

Currently the volunteer requirements are 2.5 meets and Conference Weekend.

What are the volunteer requirements?

Currently, the volunteer requirement is:  Two and a half dual meets AND the Man-O-War Swim Conference.  This requirement can be completed by anyone your family designates.  The fee to skip all volunteer requirements for the season is $200. 

What are the volunteer positions?

Concession Set-Up

Meet Set-Up

6 & Under Tent Parent (1st Half of Meet)

7-8 Tent Parent (1st Half of Meet)

7-8 Tent Parent (2nd Half of Meet)

9-10 Tent Parent (1st Half of Meet)

9-10 Tent Parent (2nd Half of Meet)

Backup Timer (1st Half of Meet)

Backup Timer (2nd Half of Meet)

Board Turner (1st Half of Meet)

Board Turner (2nd Half of Meet)

Clerk of Course (1st Half of Meet)

Clerk of Course (2nd Half of Meet)

Computer (1st Half of Meet)

Computer (2nd Half of Meet)

Concessions (1st Half of Meet)

Concessions (2nd Half of Meet)

Heat Winners (1st Half of Meet)

Heat Winners (2nd Half of Meet)

Hospitality (1st Half of Meet)

Hospitality (2nd Half of Meet)

Official (1st Half of Meet)

Official (2nd Half of Meet)

Runner (1st Half of Meet)

Runner (2nd Half of Meet)

Timer (1st Half of Meet)

Timer (2nd Half of Meet)

Meet Clean-Up

Is it possible to get a private lesson?

Absolutely!  Our coaches offer lessons throughout the season!  Go to our Lessons Page for more info!

What is the Mini-Waverunner Program?

This program is a pre-scheduled lesson program for the summer meant for swimmers who are not quite ready to be on the team yet.  Swimmers in this program are considered team members, and as soon as they develop the skills to swim a 25 of at least Freestyle, Graduate and can even compete at swim meets!